Sausage Kingdom   
Sausage Kingdom

Jody Maronis Sausage Kingdom on Venice Beach

Wonderful Sausages! Really Really Amazing!

2002-07-27 13:17:49-05

3359'5.3"N 11828'13.8"W
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California 2002
Camera: Eyemodule 2
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Picture Thumbnail Distance 
Cliff Dwelings  Cliff Dwelings   1.835 Miles   
Costal Highway  Costal Highway   3.037 Miles   
Apple Pan  Apple Pan   3.859 Miles   
Tampopo Ramen  Tampopo Ramen   4.630 Miles   
LAX: Tower  LAX: Tower   4.630 Miles   

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4 of them are:
Picture Thumbnail Timestamp 
Chico  Chico  2002-07-27 16:06:34-05  
Venice Beach  Venice Beach  2002-07-27 15:41:52-05  
Severe Tire Damage  Severe Tire Damage  2002-07-27 13:43:08-05  
Sausage Kingdom  Sausage Kingdom  2002-07-27 13:17:49-05  

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