Tampopo Ramen   
Tampopo Ramen

Ok - I admit, I am a huge fan of the movie Tampopo - I first saw it on late night cable, and it just stuck in my mind as "That weird Food movie".

Eventually I obtained a copy on DVD, and I had to force all of my friends to watch it.
I just got a huge grin on my face when I saw this theme eatery, based upon the noodle shop which is the movie`s namesake.

The Udon was pretty good - not quite as good as at the "Udon Sushi Bakery" in Lansing (across from where Gen-X used to be) but still pretty good.

2001-03-14 14:26:06-05

3356'45.4"N 11824'21.9"W
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LA 2001
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Tampopo Ramen  Tampopo Ramen   0.000 Feet   
LAX: Tower  LAX: Tower   0.000 Feet   
LAX: Theme Building  LAX: Theme Building   0.000 Feet   
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LA: night  LA: night   1.418 Miles   

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Tampopo Ramen  Tampopo Ramen  2001-03-14 14:26:06-05  
LAX: Tower  LAX: Tower  2001-03-14 13:58:23-05  
LAX: Theme Building  LAX: Theme Building  2001-03-14 13:56:16-05  

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