Sausage Kingdom   
Sausage Kingdom

Jody Maronis Sausage Kingdom on Venice Beach

Wonderful Sausages! Really Really Amazing!

2002-07-27 13:17:49-05

3359'5.3"N 11828'13.8"W
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Topozone Map Mapper of Doom
California 2002
Camera: Eyemodule 2
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[- ( Range about 11 Miles ) + ]

Picture Thumbnail Distance 
Sausage Kingdom  Sausage Kingdom   0.000 Feet   
Chico  Chico   331.171 Feet   
Severe Tire Damage  Severe Tire Damage   430.376 Feet   
Venice Beach  Venice Beach   0.201 Miles   
Lifeguard Station  Lifeguard Station   0.257 Miles   

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There are four pictures within two days.
4 of them are:
Picture Thumbnail Timestamp 
Chico  Chico  2002-07-27 16:06:34-05  
Venice Beach  Venice Beach  2002-07-27 15:41:52-05  
Severe Tire Damage  Severe Tire Damage  2002-07-27 13:43:08-05  
Sausage Kingdom  Sausage Kingdom  2002-07-27 13:17:49-05  

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