2005-02-27 05:36:37-05
geoURL is back.

Well, sort of. It looks like the old database is there, in a new fancy site, but there's something missing.

On the old site, there was an easy way to get XML dumps of the sites in a region. I made heavy use of that in plotting the locations of urls on maps at

Now, once the data goes in, there's no apparent way to get it back out in a form that can be easily reused.

I noticed the same thing with some others of the replacement sites, such as It's easy to add data, but hard to get it back out.

I think I'll keep working on and improving my implementation of the same idea
After all, it's too good of an idea to leave in the hands of one site (in case it disappears again), and all of my query pages support returning results in XML and RDF. (plus I have a downloadable dump of the entire database.

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2002-12-04 03:29:05-05
Well, the normal black pizzabox (1u server) that runs on has borked itself badly ( It looks like it may be the motherboard ) so in a late night repair, Joy and I swapped out the drives into a system I had lying around.

For a while (until I fix the pizzabox) will be running off of a Pii-400 with 256 megs of ram. It's a bit of a step down from the Piii-1k with 1024 megs of ram it was, but it is still better than the tiny P-233 with 96 megs of ram it was in the middle of 2001.

The temporary box should at least be stable. Before I gutted it, it had been my X10 light controller, Webcam server, NTP master, and been pulling down periodic backups of my with boxes with an uptime of over a year. Hopefully cleaning the dust out of it didn't break anything...

The one thing that I worry about, a little bit is that the ethernet card is a Realtek which means that it might do strange things under heavy load...

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2002-07-21 00:04:14-05
From 07-21-02 until 07-28-02 my brother and I were on vacation driving through California.

Pictures are gradually being added to the database, and video is being encoded.

Hopefully I should be done, and have the writeup done by the end of this weekend...

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2002-06-25 12:24:12-05

I just turned 26, and I'm feeling old.

I'm not sure why I feel so old - I would think that I would be feeling young, as I'm about 10 years or so younger than most of the people I work with, unless some of my co-worker's worries about kids in school, planning of new toolsheds, and concerns about plumbing is starting to rub off on me. It could be because I've been hanging out on Campus, playing at being a grad student again, and hanging out in my old haunts for a while - coming to a realization that I'm so much older than everyone around me. I'm now one of those older guys who I used to see on campus all of the time; just hanging out, never going to class, and looking around with a wistful look on their face.

It could be that I'm going to be helping my brother move out of the dorm room he has been living in for the past 3 years or so, as he moves out of MSU for the last time before heading off to grad school in south carolina.

Oh well, It's still my birthday, and I'll just need to find something to do that will let me have fun, and feel younger...
I do have one thing that should be really fun planned, but it is still -8008 day away...

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2002-05-26 02:26:14-05
DEMF 2002

The 2002 DEMF is going on right now - I'll update this from time to time during the weekend...

Day 1

I had been a bit concerned with how the festival would go this year, with the woman in charge becoming stranger and stranger as the controversy over who created the festival in the first place simmers on.

The heavy storm clouds that hung over Detroit for most of the day finally broke in late afternoon, and I headed down with my father to catch the first day of the festival. Parking turned out to be a major issue, as the Cobo ramps were closed for some reason, and the underground garage where I had parked previous years was not taking in any more cars (either full or closed).
We found some parking off of Fort street.
The festival seemed to have more DJs just spinning records and fewer live acts, drawing a younger appearing crowd....

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