2002-12-04 03:29:05-05
Well, the normal black pizzabox (1u server) that ofdoom.com runs on has borked itself badly ( It looks like it may be the motherboard ) so in a late night repair, Joy and I swapped out the drives into a system I had lying around.

For a while (until I fix the pizzabox) ofdoom.com will be running off of a Pii-400 with 256 megs of ram. It's a bit of a step down from the Piii-1k with 1024 megs of ram it was, but it is still better than the tiny P-233 with 96 megs of ram it was in the middle of 2001.

The temporary box should at least be stable. Before I gutted it, it had been my X10 light controller, Webcam server, NTP master, and been pulling down periodic backups of my with boxes with an uptime of over a year. Hopefully cleaning the dust out of it didn't break anything...

The one thing that I worry about, a little bit is that the ethernet card is a Realtek which means that it might do strange things under heavy load...

2003-03-03 03:41:55-05
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Well, it's been a few months, and I still haven't gotten around to fixing the pizzabox.

One thing I have noticed, is that the black box must be VERY broken - the old P-II runs FASTER than the P-III did.

The slower machine has a quarter of the ram, and is faster.

I have got to figure out what motherboard the pizza box has, and never use that brand again...


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