Standards of Length   
Standards of Length

Official standards of length for the Imperial system, that have been located outside the Greenwich Observatory since before 1865.

2003-06-05 07:04:42-05

5128'37.2"N 00'0.0"E
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Tower of London  Tower of London   5.543 Miles   

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Prime Meridian  Prime Meridian  2003-06-05 08:18:31-05  
London Skyline  London Skyline  2003-06-05 07:16:23-05  
Standards of Length  Standards of Length  2003-06-05 07:04:42-05  
Westferry train station  Westferry train station  2003-06-05 06:21:04-05  
Earls Court Station  Earls Court Station  2003-06-05 05:40:49-05  

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