Standards of Length   
Standards of Length

Official standards of length for the Imperial system, that have been located outside the Greenwich Observatory since before 1865.

2003-06-05 07:04:42-05

5128'37.2"N 00'0.0"E
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Standards of Length  Standards of Length   0.000 Feet   
Prime Meridian  Prime Meridian   80.259 Feet   
London Skyline  London Skyline   80.259 Feet   
Westferry train station  Westferry train station   2.896 Miles   
Design Museum  Design Museum   5.328 Miles   

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Prime Meridian  Prime Meridian  2003-06-05 08:18:31-05  
London Skyline  London Skyline  2003-06-05 07:16:23-05  
Standards of Length  Standards of Length  2003-06-05 07:04:42-05  
Westferry train station  Westferry train station  2003-06-05 06:21:04-05  
Earls Court Station  Earls Court Station  2003-06-05 05:40:49-05  

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