Snowy Frontyard   
Snowy Frontyard

I got my parents a digital camera for Christmas.

My dad went crazy taking pictures of everything...

We got 4-5 inches of snow Christmas Morning.

2002-12-25 09:46:26-05

4236'7.1"N 8257'31.1"W
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Camera: D520
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Backyard  Backyard   197.083 Feet   
Backyard  Backyard   267.578 Feet   
Miami Elementary  Miami Elementary   348.813 Feet   
Miami Elementary Playground  Miami Elementary Playground   348.813 Feet   
Me  Me   902.560 Feet   

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Snowy Backyard  Snowy Backyard  2002-12-25 10:08:57-05  
Snowy Frontyard  Snowy Frontyard  2002-12-25 09:46:26-05  
Moose  Moose  2002-12-24 18:24:47-05  
Me  Me  2002-12-24 17:46:34-05  

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