Snowcoach Window   
Snowcoach Window

This is the view from a Snowcoach window, driving out onto the glacier.

This picture is a frame grab from my digital camcorder - click on it for a larger version.

2001-08-15 14:32:00-05

5211'49.0"N 11714'39.5"W
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Alberta 2001
Camera: DCR TRV-120
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[- ( Range about 42 Miles ) + ]

Picture Thumbnail Distance 
Snowcoach Window  Snowcoach Window   0.000 Feet   
Snowcoaches  Snowcoaches   247.236 Feet   
Hanging Glacier  Hanging Glacier   0.450 Miles   
Columbia Icefield  Columbia Icefield   0.865 Miles   
Snowcoach  Snowcoach   0.934 Miles   

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Picture Thumbnail Timestamp 
Sunwapta Falls  Sunwapta Falls  2001-08-15 21:29:58-05  
Sunwapta Falls  Sunwapta Falls  2001-08-15 21:26:44-05  
Athabasca Falls upstream  Athabasca Falls upstream  2001-08-15 20:36:18-05  
Athabasca river  Athabasca river  2001-08-15 20:32:09-05  
Athabasca Falls Canyon  Athabasca Falls Canyon  2001-08-15 20:24:33-05  

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