Dorm Drink   
Dorm Drink

One advantage of eating in the dorms -
Unlimited POP!

2000-09-02 16:40:43-05

4243'38.7"N 8428'0.2"W
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Camera: Eyemodule
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Picture Thumbnail Distance 
Not very busy  Not very busy   145.797 Feet   
Andys Birthday: Cake  Andys Birthday: Cake   442.975 Feet   
Andys Birthday: Andy  Andys Birthday: Andy   442.975 Feet   
Andys Birthday: Jim  Andys Birthday: Jim   442.975 Feet   
Walking  Walking   850.982 Feet   

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Picture Thumbnail Timestamp 
Matt  Matt  2000-09-02 20:04:49-05  
Ryan and Joe  Ryan and Joe  2000-09-02 19:26:28-05  
Dorm Dessert  Dorm Dessert  2000-09-02 16:42:29-05  
Dorm Drink  Dorm Drink  2000-09-02 16:40:43-05  
Dorm Food  Dorm Food  2000-09-02 16:38:52-05  

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