Not very busy   
Not very busy

I just thought this was a funny image.
It would be funnier if they were open (and packed)

2000-12-12 13:44:44-05

4243'52.2"N 8427'59.6"W
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Camera: Eyemodule
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Not very busy  Not very busy   0.000 Feet   
Matt  Matt   145.797 Feet   
Ryan and Joe  Ryan and Joe   145.797 Feet   
Dorm Dessert  Dorm Dessert   145.797 Feet   
Dorm Drink  Dorm Drink   145.797 Feet   

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Picture Thumbnail Timestamp 
Not very busy  Not very busy  2000-12-12 13:44:44-05  
Sidewalks  Sidewalks  2000-12-12 13:34:27-05  
Snowy Streets  Snowy Streets  2000-12-12 13:31:51-05  
Snowed in house  Snowed in house  2000-12-12 13:29:27-05  
View from my window  View from my window  2000-12-12 13:08:44-05  

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