Good food - especialy the Pasties!
(The Wild Blueberry pie is excellent as well).

Be sure to finish what you order, otherwise you might hurt
their feelings.

2000-07-14 14:20:56-05

461'41.9"N 8559'0.6"W
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Family Reunion 2000
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Picture Thumbnail Distance 
Big Ship  Big Ship   73.894 Miles   
Mackinac Bridge  Mackinac Bridge   86.446 Miles   
UP at last  UP at last   87.077 Miles   
Lighthouse Inn  Lighthouse Inn   94.682 Miles   
Father: on beach  Father: on beach   95.477 Miles   

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There are fifteen pictures within two days.
5 of them are:
Picture Thumbnail Timestamp 
Reunion  Reunion  2000-07-15 12:22:07-05  
Reunion: me  Reunion: me  2000-07-15 11:56:44-05  
Reunion: cake  Reunion: cake  2000-07-15 11:55:15-05  
Camping: Wells State Park  Camping: Wells State Park  2000-07-15 08:36:53-05  
Camping: neighbors  Camping: neighbors  2000-07-15 08:36:53-05  

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