Lighthouse Inn   
Lighthouse Inn

The Lighthouse Inn.
It`s a very nice place to eat in Cedar River Michigan, on M35 by JW Wells state park..

I reccommend the Pub Sandwitch, with a glass of Old Style beer...

The last two family reunions I've been to have both been in this area, and we've eaten here both times.

2000-07-14 19:46:32-05

4524'46.7"N 8721'12.2"W
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Family Reunion 2000
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Lighthouse Inn  Lighthouse Inn   0.000 Feet   
Father: on beach  Father: on beach   0.797 Miles   
Camping: neighbors  Camping: neighbors   0.797 Miles   
Camping: Wells State Park  Camping: Wells State Park   0.797 Miles   
Camping: kitchen  Camping: kitchen   0.797 Miles   

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