2002-04-16 04:08:39-05

Wireless Ethernet Rocks!

I had forgotten how great wireless ethernet could be during the winter when I was pretty much stuck indoors. Right now, however, I'm sitting out in a field behind my house with a laptop, listening to birds, and watching the sun rise as I type. I think the external antenna I put on my base station makes a big difference.

Strange Candy

When I was at the local Meijer's, I was checking out their newly expanded international food section. Since the last time I was there, they had expanded into a Candy Bars of the World department. I seized the moment to stock up on Violet Crumbles and other Australian treats that I haven't had since the first tine tuckeroos was around.

While I was there, I also picked up a bar of Turkish Delight (rose flavor) from the UK.
It was interesting...

I probably would have enjoyed it if not for the fact that the rose flavor they used was the same as that used by cheap deodorizers.

As it was, the constant nagging feeling that I was eating an air freshener was too distracting to be comfortable...

New Visor

On a sadder note, I have decided that my old Visor which has gone with me everywhere for years has suffered a major malfunction (It locks up after about 20 minutes of use) so I have to get a new one.
Hopefully in the next day or two, a new 16 meg visor Pro, and an Eyemodule 2 should be arriving for me to play with!

2002-04-22 05:53:14-05
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Well, I have the new visor. 16 megs of memory rocks with the new eyemodule.

I can fit several thousand B/W pictures, or several hundred color pictures on it.


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