2000-05-29 22:58:00-05
Day 1

Well, for the first day of the DEMF My brother and I were in no hurry to get down - we had plenty of time before the first act I wanted to see (DJ Spooky) - or so I thought.

We left Lansing a little before noon - I had offered Joy a ride down to Detroit for the day, but she was tired out from working a midnight - 8:00 am shift, so it was just Andy (my Brother) and myself.
It had been Years since either of us had been to Hart Plaza , But knowing that it was right next to the Ren-Cen, we figured we should be able to find it with no trouble.

We were wrong.

Instead of taking a sane route, as getting on I75, or taking Gratiot all the way down, we decided to wander the back roads, and keep aiming for the gleaming cylinders of the Rennisance Center.
This worked as long as we could actually see the Ren-Cen. After losing sight of it, we wandered through detroit for an hour or so, enjoying the trip, and finding places we had heard about, but never seen.

Eventually, we found Gratiot, and took it the rest of the way.

(It turns out, that it was a good thing we went the way we did. I75 was closed shortly after we left when a gas tanker blew up under a bridge. (I saw that spot the next day - the overpass was melted, and signs were curled up from the heat)).

We eventually found it:

(Taken with an EyeModule)

I ran into Xav and Jenny. I thought I saw Soul (but I was wrong). Josh thought he saw me, but I didn`t see him.

I spent most of my time moving between the
And And

Some of the bands we saw were:
  • Bill Van Loo
  • Stacy Pullen
    And many others I can`t find web pages for.

    Day 2

    On Day 2, I went down alone. I ran into Jenny again, as well as two of my cousins (Kevin and Mark) who I hadn`t seen in quite a while.

    A few strange things happened:
  • While I was talking to Jenny, a strange acting old man asked me for a hug.
  • Two people tried to buy acid from me (I guess it was the long hair and the trench coat)
  • I tried to help start a car for a guy from NORML who let his battery run down
    All in all, a strange, but fun day - with good music, like DJ Assault and Ectomorph.

    Day 3

    On Day 3, Joy was finally able to make it down for a little while. She hadn`t seen my visor`s camera, so I had to show her how it works.

    She wasn`t able to stay for very long, so we spent most of the time there by the Motor Stage, watching Some unknown group (all wearing fake beards).

    All in all, it was an amazing time. I hope there`s another one next year!


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