2000-05-24 22:58:00-05
I`m Watching You!

I got a new toy for my visor today - I picked up a EyeModule for it!
It`t cool - the picture quality is pretty good (320x480 color), it looks nothing like a camera, plus you get a real time greyscale preview on the screen.

This first example, is a picture of one of the buildings I work in. I took this picture while walking - when lights are bright enough, movement doesn`t blur the picture much at all. Building I work in
Indoors, under flourescent light, the picture gets a little grainy, and movement blurs it a little bit. It works better if you set the unit on a table while taking pictures indoors.
This one was taken while walking.
stack of boxes
Overall, it works best outdoors, even on cloudy days - I think it likes the full spectrum light better than the narrow spectrum flourecent lights. Downtown Detroit on a cloudy day

I took mine to the DEMF and took a bunch of pictures. I`ll post more later.


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