I think the camera went off in the tent when I was checking the time.

I`m not sure. I`ve subjected this picture to some really heavy processing,
and I still can`t tell what is going on. Maybe you`ll have better luck than
I did.

2000-08-19 22:53:02-05

4719'42.7"N 8437'5.2"W
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Camera: Eyemodule
Agawa Bay 2000
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[- ( Range about 77 Miles ) + ]
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Picture Thumbnail Distance 
More Rocks  More Rocks   383.833 Feet   
Rocks  Rocks   446.001 Feet   
Resupply  Resupply   10.062 Miles   
UP at last  UP at last   11.968 Miles   
Mackinac Bridge  Mackinac Bridge   12.646 Miles   

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There are seventeen pictures within two days.
5 of them are:
Picture Thumbnail Timestamp 
Orphan Lake  Orphan Lake  2000-08-20 12:22:05-05  
Orphan Lake: Joy  Orphan Lake: Joy  2000-08-20 12:03:10-05  
Campsite  Campsite  2000-08-20 11:15:53-05  
?  ?  2000-08-19 22:53:02-05  
Resupply  Resupply  2000-08-19 14:31:26-05  

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