LA at Night   
LA at Night

Looking down at the lights of Los Angeles from the Griffith Observatory.

2002-07-21 22:25:34-05

347'11.1"N 11818'2.4"W
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California 2002
Camera: Andys
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LAX: Theme Building  LAX: Theme Building   9.250 Miles   
Frys  Frys   9.721 Miles   
Cliff Dwelings  Cliff Dwelings   11.443 Miles   
Severe Tire Damage  Severe Tire Damage   12.503 Miles   
Sausage Kingdom  Sausage Kingdom   12.543 Miles   

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5 of them are:
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Lifeguard Station  Lifeguard Station  2002-07-22 14:29:37-05  
Me @ Venice  Me @ Venice  2002-07-22 14:27:19-05  
Hotel View  Hotel View  2002-07-22 01:27:07-05  
LA at Night  LA at Night  2002-07-21 22:25:34-05  
Hollywood Sunset  Hollywood Sunset  2002-07-21 21:43:38-05  

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