The Underground Stage.

The picture is a little blurry, but I think it captures the raw energy present, as the sound from the stage blasted off of every surface in the concrete cavern overwhelming you from every side.

According to the schedule, Dan Bell was playing.

2003-05-26 20:39:58-05

4219'39.4"N 832'38.9"W
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DEMF 2003
Camera: Eyemodule 2
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Underground  Underground   0.000 Feet   
Underground  Underground   11.003 Feet   
DEMF: underground  DEMF: underground   11.003 Feet   
DEMF: People  DEMF: People   11.003 Feet   
Hart Plaza Fountain  Hart Plaza Fountain   25.557 Feet   

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Mainstage  Mainstage  2003-05-26 20:55:05-05  
Underground  Underground  2003-05-26 20:39:58-05  
2003: Sign  2003: Sign  2003-05-26 19:03:08-05  
Main Stage  Main Stage  2003-05-26 18:33:00-05  
Hart Plaza Fountain  Hart Plaza Fountain  2003-05-26 18:31:40-05  

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