Athabasca Falls Canyon   
Athabasca Falls Canyon

Athabasca falls, in the Jasper National Park in Alberta.
A picture of the last part of the falls.
Joy took this picture - click on the pic for the full resolution version - or go here for her picture collection.

2001-08-15 20:24:33-05

5239'58.1"N 11753'22.8"W
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Alberta 2001
Camera: D370
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Jasper  Jasper   17.334 Miles   
Joy @ Whistler  Joy @ Whistler   18.015 Miles   
Whistler Tram Station  Whistler Tram Station   18.015 Miles   
Jasper (From Whistler Mountain)  Jasper (From Whistler Mountain)   18.015 Miles   

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Ptarmagen   Ptarmagen   2001-08-16 16:18:17-05  
Me @ Whistler  Me @ Whistler  2001-08-16 15:39:46-05  
Joy @ Whistler  Joy @ Whistler  2001-08-16 15:38:00-05  
Whistler Tram Station  Whistler Tram Station  2001-08-16 15:36:00-05  
Jasper (From Whistler Mountain)  Jasper (From Whistler Mountain)  2001-08-16 15:35:00-05  

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