Joy @ Switchback   
Joy @ Switchback

A picture of Joy at a very impressive Overlook.
Gettign there was quite impressive as well - for a long time, the Icefields parkway had been meandering through a valley, when suddenly, at the end, this huge mountian appears out of nowhere; and the road goes right over it, with the help of a switchback or two.

2001-08-15 12:53:14-05

5210'31.2"N 1173'18.7"W
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Alberta 2001
Camera: D370
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Snowcoach Window  Snowcoach Window   13.085 Miles   
Hanging Glacier  Hanging Glacier   13.468 Miles   
Columbia Icefield  Columbia Icefield   13.938 Miles   
Small Blue Lake  Small Blue Lake   22.718 Miles   
Angel Glacier  Angel Glacier   22.882 Miles   

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Sunwapta Falls  Sunwapta Falls  2001-08-15 21:29:58-05  
Sunwapta Falls  Sunwapta Falls  2001-08-15 21:26:44-05  
Athabasca Falls upstream  Athabasca Falls upstream  2001-08-15 20:36:18-05  
Athabasca river  Athabasca river  2001-08-15 20:32:09-05  
Athabasca Falls Canyon  Athabasca Falls Canyon  2001-08-15 20:24:33-05  

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