MSU Ducks   
MSU Ducks

The ducks on the campus of MSU stay there all winter, and become pack hunters in the winter.
Many freshmen have been robbed of food by the maurading gangs of fowl...

2001-01-11 15:14:14-05

4243'44.4"N 8428'58.8"W
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Mighty Duck!  Mighty Duck!   0.000 Feet   
MSU Ducks  MSU Ducks   0.000 Feet   
Library Shaft  Library Shaft   151.085 Feet   
Beaumont Tower  Beaumont Tower   273.664 Feet   
Wells Hall  Wells Hall   448.997 Feet   

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Art Center  Art Center  2001-01-11 16:44:40-05  
Art Center  Art Center  2001-01-11 16:44:40-05  
Mighty Duck!  Mighty Duck!  2001-01-11 15:14:20-05  
MSU Ducks  MSU Ducks  2001-01-11 15:14:14-05  
Hanging Bike  Hanging Bike  2001-01-11 14:48:55-05  

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