Cascade Mountain   
Cascade Mountain

Cascade Mountain, taken by Joy as we drove by on the trans-canada.
The grayish strip in the foreground is an abandoned airstrip.

2001-08-13 16:42:08-05

5112'0.0"N 11532'24.0"W
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Alberta 2001
Camera: D370
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Cascade Mountain  Cascade Mountain   0.000 Feet   
Changing Tire  Changing Tire   0.446 Miles   
Nail  Nail   0.446 Miles   
The Hoodoos  The Hoodoos   0.476 Miles   
Hoodoos  Hoodoos   0.476 Miles   

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Ledges  Ledges  2001-08-14 16:29:48-05  
Looking Back  Looking Back  2001-08-14 16:28:03-05  
Lake Louise Delta  Lake Louise Delta  2001-08-14 15:45:38-05  
Six Glaciers Trail  Six Glaciers Trail  2001-08-14 15:45:05-05  
Chateau Lake Louise  Chateau Lake Louise  2001-08-14 15:31:32-05  

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