Big SGI   

The big SGI Power Series Ive had in the garage forever getting ready to be shipped to my parents house.

It started out in the CPS department at Michigan State, and one day there was a posting in msu.cps.misc announcing that they were giving it away to the first person to haul it off.

no, I didnt get it, but a friend of a friend of mine did, and it didnt fit through the door to their apartment.

2001-06-17 17:53:09-05

4243'49.0"N 8427'22.9"W
MapQuest MultiMap
Topozone Map Mapper of Doom
Camera: Eyemodule
Stress Causing
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Hand Positions  Hand Positions   0.000 Feet   
Snacking  Snacking   0.000 Feet   
Liquor  Liquor   0.000 Feet   
Brian Drinking  Brian Drinking   0.000 Feet   
Brian and Keg  Brian and Keg   0.000 Feet   

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House of Doom  House of Doom  2001-06-18 15:00:17-05  
Big SGI  Big SGI  2001-06-17 17:56:21-05  
Big SGI  Big SGI  2001-06-17 17:53:09-05  
Andy: Londoner  Andy: Londoner  2001-06-16 19:45:10-05  

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