Easy-Cheese and Hot Sauce on a cracker.
The snack of drunk guys who will eat anything.

Actually, I remember them as being rather good...

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2000-12-18 22:28:00-05

4243'49.0"N 8427'22.9"W
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New Server  New Server   0.000 Feet   
New Server  New Server   0.000 Feet   
House of Doom  House of Doom   0.000 Feet   
Big SGI  Big SGI   0.000 Feet   
Big SGI  Big SGI   0.000 Feet   

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Snacking  Snacking  2000-12-18 22:28:00-05  
Liquor  Liquor  2000-12-18 21:48:00-05  
Brian Drinking  Brian Drinking  2000-12-18 21:43:00-05  
Brian and Keg  Brian and Keg  2000-12-18 21:38:00-05  
Drinking With Brian  Drinking With Brian  2000-12-18 21:28:00-05  

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