Rifle River   
Rifle River

Just a picture of a bridge over the rifle river...

2001-01-02 12:59:20-05

448'28.2"N 842'35.4"W
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Picture Thumbnail Distance 
Rifle River  Rifle River   0.000 Feet   
Artesian well...  Artesian well...   0.000 Feet   
Dees Sign  Dees Sign   0.319 Miles   
Dees Pizza  Dees Pizza   0.319 Miles   
Dam overflow  Dam overflow   0.692 Miles   

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Picture Thumbnail Timestamp 
Rifle River  Rifle River  2001-01-02 12:59:20-05  
Artesian well...  Artesian well...  2001-01-02 12:59:16-05  
Wood Burning Stove  Wood Burning Stove  2001-01-02 11:16:07-05  
Cottage  Cottage  2001-01-01 15:09:54-05  
Cottage: back  Cottage: back  2001-01-01 15:08:50-05  

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