Random Street   
Random Street

Just a random Berkeley street. It is near the apartment the friend my brother and I stayed with lived in at the time.

I have no idea how close the Location I have in the database is to reality - I am estimating off of a topographic map.

2002-07-25 15:00:09-05

3752'28.9"N 12216'32.1"W
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California 2002
Camera: Eyemodule 2
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Random Street  Random Street   0.000 Feet   
Berkeley Crosswalk  Berkeley Crosswalk   954.181 Feet   
Fountain  Fountain   9.140 Miles   
Cable Car  Cable Car   9.284 Miles   
Me @ Telegraph Hill  Me @ Telegraph Hill   9.372 Miles   

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Berkeley Crosswalk  Berkeley Crosswalk  2002-07-25 22:04:40-05  
Palace of Fine Arts  Palace of Fine Arts  2002-07-25 16:45:06-05  
Random Street  Random Street  2002-07-25 15:00:09-05  
Fountain  Fountain  2002-07-24 18:02:10-05  
Me @ Telegraph Hill  Me @ Telegraph Hill  2002-07-24 17:37:38-05  

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