QuickTime VR
    Multi Node
Forest Lake
Mount Clemens Waterfront
   Single Node   
Whistler's Mountain
Bow River
Old Rose Gardens
The House Of Doom

Lately I've been getting into making QuickTime VR scenes. I've been using a Sony DCR-320 digital camcorder for images, and Vr-Toolbox's VrWorx for panorama generation, node creation, and scene creation.

I find I really like using a camcorder for this. While the input resolution may only be 640x480 or so, I can take a continuious pan around the area in one take, giving me a lot of flexability in selecting what angles work best for generating the panorama. I can salvage shots by adding a couple of extra frames to angles where the panorama software gets confused.

I probably will try taking some high resolution ones sometime soon - I just need to find the time and a good subject.

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