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2002-05-26 02:26:14-05
DEMF 2002

The 2002 DEMF is going on right now - I'll update this from time to time during the weekend...

Day 1

I had been a bit concerned with how the festival would go this year, with the woman in charge becoming stranger and stranger as the controversy over who created the festival in the first place simmers on.

The heavy storm clouds that hung over Detroit for most of the day finally broke in late afternoon, and I headed down with my father to catch the first day of the festival. Parking turned out to be a major issue, as the Cobo ramps were closed for some reason, and the underground garage where I had parked previous years was not taking in any more cars (either full or closed).
We found some parking off of Fort street.
The festival seemed to have more DJs just spinning records and fewer live acts, drawing a younger appearing crowd....


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