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2000-05-28 23:56:28-05
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Sunday Rocked as well!

I filled up most of my Visor's memory with pictures today - I have less than a meg left.

There were a LOT more people there today than yesterday - I would estimate about twice as many today.

A few weird things happened:

The funniest was when two strangely dressed people came running up to me and said:

"DUDE! We swear we're not cops!

Look, if we don't get some acid in 5 minutes, we're going to go insane!!!"

I also tried to help a very distracted young man from some organization which is trying to leagalize Marijuna in Michigan start his car. He had left something turned on, and his battery was completely dead. I wasn't able to help him out, as I had left my jumper cables at home.


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