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2003-10-14 20:57:00-05
Thai red-bull introveiniuos drip

I just returned from another trip to Vietnam. I found out that now Thai Red Bull makes a supository capsule(u insert it into your rectum) that dissolves over a 30 minute period. U can have it placed in your rectum by any masseuse in THailand and the bleeding is minimul. It feels like drinking 10 red bulls and the good side is that you don't have to drink it or get full from drinking so much. I also visited a rinky dink hospital in bangkok where U can have red bull pumped directly into your viens introveiniuosly (with an i-v needle) for about 10 dollars. However it's only for elite athletes and astronauts. (Thailand's space program is light years ahead of NASA). Also, look for a new line up of red bull sex toys coming in december..guaranteed to have you and your partner rockin all night long.


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