Once it was said...
1998-06-21 01:58:00-05
Blast From the Past

Wow - now this is a trip!
I was looking through some files, and I found this old video file.
The year was 1998, I had just graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in Computer Science.

I was only 21 and had graduated in only 4 years. I was still enjoying college life!
I was enjoying college life so much, I decided to stick around for grad school.
I moved into a house with some friends and the future seemed so bright!
I was actually gooing to be PAID to learn and do research!


I hadn`t yet realized what I was getting into...

  • I was only taking one class (I was building a Hierarchical Classifier in Smalltalk - useful, eh?),
  • living with friends (I hadn`t realized how stressful it could be to share a house with an ex-girlfriend)
  • I was involved in interesting reasearch (away from the core projects of the lab that was funding me)

    Anyway, I made this little video clip shortly after starting grad school.

    Watch it today!
    (real video only - sorry)

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