2001-03-02 06:23:07-05
Thoughts on the Nightshift

I just started on the nightshift at work - for the month of March, I will be working 6PM - 6 AM Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights.

11:30 pm
Darn - the tape robots aren't doing much of anything tonight...

12:00 am
Hey - I thought my ID was supposed to open any door! 24/7

12:05 am
I wish I hadn't left my cellphone at my desk...

12:08 am
Someone sees me, and lets me back in..

1:15 am
It's too quiet here - I need headphones...

1:30 am
The lights just went out...
Well, all of the lights except for this little patch over my cube.
Either there are some motion sensors I can't see, or the janitors are being rather thoughtful...

2001-03-03 14:10:20-05
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How do you like staying up? Sleep cycle adjusting?

Boris is doing rather well, by the way.

2001-03-08 00:31:37-05
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Well, the first night it was a little rough I started having trouble concentrating around 4:00 am.

The second night went well - I was alert all night, and it went quickly.

The third night, I was having trouble focusing my mind around 4:00-5:00 (I think working this shift, on top of most of a normal work week just wore me out).

Tomorrow, I am really going to screw myself up, as I'm running up to Lansing early in the morning (to pick up some stuff, deposit checks, and see Andy off to Chicago for a band trip), then I am working a full 12 hour shift that night. That is going to be a little rough.

I'm glad to hear that Boris is doing better. He's a cute little bugger :-)

2001-04-17 20:27:03-05
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Yeah I used to work a night shift quite a bit when I was in college. My friend Rett used to prod at me whenever we'd be on a late-night coding binge. I used to keep a paper towel roll wrapped up under my desk to use as a makeshift pillow whenever I couldn't take it anymore. We also used to do a lot of digital video compression batchjobs overnight and even though they were mostly automated I would stay there because inevitably something would screw up and if I wasn't there I would lose several hours of compression time.


2001-05-09 23:01:00-05
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Somewhere, in the vast sea of cubes (I'm in cube #186D2B) an alarm is going off.<br><br> It sounds like a little travel alarm.<br> It is right at the edge of hearing, but I know it is there.<br> I wonder how many hours it will be before I'm forced to find it and turn it off...

2001-06-13 20:52:57-05
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I found a vending machine stocked with chicken flavored potato chips.

Apparently they also have rib and steak flavors.

It sounds a bit weird, but they taste pretty good...


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