This is the cause of the flat tire that Joy and I woke up to after our first night of camping (Tunnel Mountain Village)
Lucky for me, that Hertz has decent road service, and arranged for a service station in town to plug the tire, saving me from driving the rest of the week on a stupid temporary spare.

The picture is a frame grab from my digital camcorder. Click on it for a larger version.

2001-08-14 10:22:00-05

5111'25.8"N 11532'6.0"W
MapQuest MultiMap
Alberta 2001
Camera: DCR TRV-120
Stress Causing
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Changing Tire  Changing Tire   0.000 Feet   
Nail  Nail   0.000 Feet   
The Hoodoos  The Hoodoos   449.183 Feet   
Hoodoos  Hoodoos   449.183 Feet   
Joy @ Hoodoos  Joy @ Hoodoos   449.183 Feet   

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