I think the camera went off in the tent when I was checking the time.

I`m not sure. I`ve subjected this picture to some really heavy processing,
and I still can`t tell what is going on. Maybe you`ll have better luck than
I did.

2000-08-19 22:53:02-05

4719'42.7"N 8437'5.2"W
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Camera: Eyemodule
Agawa Bay 2000
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Picture Thumbnail Distance 
More Rocks  More Rocks   383.833 Feet   
Rocks  Rocks   446.001 Feet   
Resupply  Resupply   10.062 Miles   
Orphan Lake  Orphan Lake   19.028 Miles   
Orphan Lake: Joy  Orphan Lake: Joy   19.028 Miles   

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There are seventeen pictures within two days.
5 of them are:
Picture Thumbnail Timestamp 
Orphan Lake  Orphan Lake  2000-08-20 12:22:05-05  
Orphan Lake: Joy  Orphan Lake: Joy  2000-08-20 12:03:10-05  
Campsite  Campsite  2000-08-20 11:15:53-05  
?  ?  2000-08-19 22:53:02-05  
Resupply  Resupply  2000-08-19 14:31:26-05  

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