Small Blue Lake   
Small Blue Lake

Joy wanted to take a closer look at this small and intensely blue lake that we passed on the narrow, winding road to Angel Glacier and Mount Edith Cavell.
The color was amazing - the picture does not do the brilliant blue of this lake justice!

2001-08-17 13:32:18-05

5252'48.0"N 11658'48.0"W
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Alberta 2001
Camera: D370
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Waterfowl Lake Camp  Waterfowl Lake Camp   40.716 Miles   
Walking  Walking   40.845 Miles   
Sunset @ Waterfowl Lake  Sunset @ Waterfowl Lake   40.845 Miles   
Overflow: From tent  Overflow: From tent   43.318 Miles   
Overflow  Overflow   43.318 Miles   

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Walking  Walking  2001-08-17 20:03:07-05  
Waterfowl Lake Camp  Waterfowl Lake Camp  2001-08-17 19:45:16-05  
Sunset @ Waterfowl Lake  Sunset @ Waterfowl Lake  2001-08-17 18:17:28-05  
Bubbling Springs  Bubbling Springs  2001-08-17 15:24:29-05  
Small Blue Lake  Small Blue Lake  2001-08-17 13:32:18-05  

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