Plaster Replicas   
Plaster Replicas

Part of the Hall of Plaster Replicas in the wing of Fakes and Reproductions at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

Everything shown here is a plaster cast. The detail and realism is amazing, along with the sheer size of some of the castings.

2003-06-08 13:13:30-05

5129'45.2"N 010'16.3"W
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Camera: Eyemodule 2
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Buckingham Palace  Buckingham Palace   2.131 Miles   
Embankment Station  Embankment Station   3.441 Miles   
Hungerford Footbridge  Hungerford Footbridge   3.514 Miles   
Rosetta Stone  Rosetta Stone   3.529 Miles   
Train @ Blackfriars  Train @ Blackfriars   4.826 Miles   

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Tate Panorama  Tate Panorama  2003-06-08 13:44:36-05  
Tate Modern  Tate Modern  2003-06-08 13:44:36-05  
Plaster Replicas  Plaster Replicas  2003-06-08 13:13:30-05  
Plaster Replicas  Plaster Replicas  2003-06-08 13:12:21-05  
Buckingham Palace  Buckingham Palace  2003-06-07 14:07:41-05  

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