Coffee Shop   
Coffee Shop

Ok - it looks to me like this coffee shop will have the front open like a garage door -
at least, I saw it with the front both open and closed during the day. It is a rather cool idea,
if the finished product will still open this way, and it was not just to make construction easier.

This is also the spot where Bagel Fragel used to be, until it was killed off by the chain Beaureggers Bagels
that opened a couple of stores down. I have to say, I ate breakfast at the chain store more than I did at
Bagel Fragel (I had an 8:00 economics class my senior year right across the street - I would grab a sun dried tomato bagel with smoked salmon and cream cheese almost every morning before class.) - they had more flavors of cream cheese.

2002-06-25 13:59:09-05

4244'0.6"N 8428'37.5"W
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