DEMF: Sign   
DEMF: Sign

A picture of the DEMF sign taken by Andy
His description is: "The Sign in all its blazing glory".

A full size picture is available here or here

2000-05-26 22:58:00-05

4219'41.5"N 832'38.4"W
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Topozone Map Mapper of Doom
Camera: Andys
DEMF 2000
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Picture Thumbnail Distance 
DEMF: Joy  DEMF: Joy   110.243 Feet   
DEMF: Me  DEMF: Me   110.243 Feet   
Tired  Tired   183.739 Feet   
DEMF: Fist  DEMF: Fist   200.818 Feet   
DEMF: skyline  DEMF: skyline   219.999 Feet   

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5 of them are:
Picture Thumbnail Timestamp 
DEMF: Cpop Stage  DEMF: Cpop Stage  2000-05-27 22:48:44-05  
DEMF: underground  DEMF: underground  2000-05-27 20:36:35-05  
DEMF: Me  DEMF: Me  2000-05-27 17:20:14-05  
DEMF: Andy / Car  DEMF: Andy / Car  2000-05-27 16:37:30-05  
Renaissance Center  Renaissance Center  2000-05-27 15:58:00-05  

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