Running through the Dallas/Ft. Worth airport to catch a flight to Calgary.

(for some reason it was cheaper to fly via Texas)

2001-08-13 09:18:53-05

3254'51.5"N 972'34.6"W
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Alberta 2001
Camera: Eyemodule
Stress Causing
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Wedding: Joe  Wedding: Joe   782.256 Miles   
Wedding: Church  Wedding: Church   782.256 Miles   
Passing Time  Passing Time   798.966 Miles   
We (almost) Lost Ryan  We (almost) Lost Ryan   798.966 Miles   
We Lost Ryan  We Lost Ryan   803.884 Miles   

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4 of them are:
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Cascade Mountain  Cascade Mountain  2001-08-13 16:42:08-05  
Highway 1  Highway 1  2001-08-13 16:28:37-05  
YYC - International Arrivals  YYC - International Arrivals  2001-08-13 15:03:30-05  
DFW  DFW  2001-08-13 09:18:53-05  

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