G4 Display   
G4 Display

A dual display G4 with an external firewire drive array on display at the Novi Apple Store.

2002-08-31 12:34:08-05

4229'33.4"N 8328'14.1"W
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Topozone Map Mapper of Doom
Camera: Eyemodule 2
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Picture Thumbnail Distance 
TPC  TPC   14.544 Miles   
ISDN?  ISDN?   21.353 Miles   
Me in Troy  Me in Troy   21.353 Miles   
I75  I75   21.353 Miles   
Skyline?  Skyline?   21.353 Miles   

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3 of them are:
Picture Thumbnail Timestamp 
Novi Apple Store  Novi Apple Store  2002-08-31 12:34:28-05  
G4 Display  G4 Display  2002-08-31 12:34:08-05  
Novi Genius Bar  Novi Genius Bar  2002-08-31 12:33:16-05  

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