Joy @ Switchback   
Joy @ Switchback

A picture of Joy at a very impressive Overlook.
Gettign there was quite impressive as well - for a long time, the Icefields parkway had been meandering through a valley, when suddenly, at the end, this huge mountian appears out of nowhere; and the road goes right over it, with the help of a switchback or two.

2001-08-15 12:53:14-05

5210'31.2"N 1173'18.7"W
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Alberta 2001
Camera: D370
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Joy @ Switchback  Joy @ Switchback   0.000 Feet   
Me @ Switchback  Me @ Switchback   0.000 Feet   
Glaciers  Glaciers   4.788 Miles   
Athabasca Glacier  Athabasca Glacier   11.979 Miles   
Snowcoach  Snowcoach   12.161 Miles   

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Sunwapta Falls  Sunwapta Falls  2001-08-15 21:29:58-05  
Sunwapta Falls  Sunwapta Falls  2001-08-15 21:26:44-05  
Athabasca Falls upstream  Athabasca Falls upstream  2001-08-15 20:36:18-05  
Athabasca river  Athabasca river  2001-08-15 20:32:09-05  
Athabasca Falls Canyon  Athabasca Falls Canyon  2001-08-15 20:24:33-05  

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