Megatron - A co-worker of Joy`s

2000-07-11 19:53:42-05

4243'4.8"N 8427'38.9"W
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Camera: Eyemodule
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Picture Thumbnail Distance 
My desk  My desk   190.793 Feet   
Dog At work  Dog At work   190.793 Feet   
My Desk  My Desk   190.793 Feet   
Work: Night  Work: Night   322.884 Feet   
Work: Night  Work: Night   322.884 Feet   

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There are two pictures within two days.
2 of them are:
Picture Thumbnail Timestamp 
Megatron  Megatron  2000-07-11 19:53:42-05  
Unusual Planes  Unusual Planes  2000-07-11 12:14:18-05  

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