I was asked to hook up an ISDN router in one of the offices.

I guess this loose hanging bundle of wire labeled ISDN
Indicates that the phone company isn`t as done with the install
as they claimed to be...

2000-07-19 10:41:30-05

4233'42.2"N 839'41.9"W
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Dead Fiber  Dead Fiber   0.000 Feet   
4th floor  4th floor   0.000 Feet   
Top of Troy  Top of Troy   0.000 Feet   
Laptop at work  Laptop at work   340.776 Feet   
Irix Reinstall  Irix Reinstall   340.776 Feet   

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ISDN?  ISDN?  2000-07-19 10:41:30-05  

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