Night Drive   
Night Drive

Nightime Photography.

To keep the interior light from washing out the time exposure, we used to remote to turn it off halfway through the photo.

2002-07-22 23:27:08-05

3533'50.8"N 1216'28.5"W
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California 2002
Camera: Andys
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Picture Thumbnail Distance 
Spiderweb  Spiderweb   44.111 Miles   
Huge Tree  Huge Tree   44.194 Miles   
McWay Creek Falls  McWay Creek Falls   44.512 Miles   
Carlyle Apartments  Carlyle Apartments   88.404 Miles   
Berkeley Crosswalk  Berkeley Crosswalk   116.194 Miles   

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There are thirteen pictures within two days.
5 of them are:
Picture Thumbnail Timestamp 
Golden Gate  Golden Gate  2002-07-23 20:23:46-05  
McWay Creek Falls  McWay Creek Falls  2002-07-23 15:37:36-05  
Me & A Tree  Me & A Tree  2002-07-23 15:20:41-05  
Spiderweb  Spiderweb  2002-07-23 15:11:35-05  
Huge Tree  Huge Tree  2002-07-23 15:06:59-05  

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