Looking up the front face of the rocks at the end of the beach at the Agawa Bay campground, at the Lake Superior Provencial Park in Ontario Canada.
The picture was taken between my Freshman and Sophomore years of college on a family trip.
It is actually the right half of a stereo pair. Sometime I should get around to making the 3d image...

1995-07-25 13:28:00-05

4719'22.8"N 8437'1.2"W
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Rocks  Rocks   63.556 Feet   
Me on Rocks  Me on Rocks   63.556 Feet   
Joy on Rocks  Joy on Rocks   63.556 Feet   
Campsite  Campsite   446.001 Feet   
?  ?   446.001 Feet   

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There are two pictures within two days.
2 of them are:
Picture Thumbnail Timestamp 
More Rocks  More Rocks  1995-07-25 13:43:00-05  
Rocks  Rocks  1995-07-25 13:28:00-05  

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