Oriental Mart   
Oriental Mart

This is the Oriental Mart where I pick up a lot of my strange food
Some examples would include:
   Mr. Brown   
Mr. Brown
   Shark Energy Drink   
Shark Energy Drink
   Red Bull   
Red Bull
   Red Bull   
Red Bull

I used to shop here a lot, as Ramen has always been a staple for grad students, and they had the best selection I have ever seen.
Lately I have mainly been stopping by to add variety to my diet, trying out snack foods from all over the world.

Unfortunetly, a Farmer Jacks has bought the building, so they have to relocate.
Fortunetly, they are just moving to the plaza on the other side of the street.

2001-06-26 17:10:52-05

4243'34.7"N 8427'14.1"W
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