Cottage: back   
Cottage: back

A picture taken out of one of the back windows of my family`s cottage, looking down the hill towards the docks.

2001-01-01 15:08:50-05

447'7.6"N 843'37.8"W
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Wood Burning Stove  Wood Burning Stove   25.295 Feet   
Dugout Canoe  Dugout Canoe   226.557 Feet   
Fox Den  Fox Den   529.773 Feet   
Mouse Tracks  Mouse Tracks   708.323 Feet   
Cottage: sunset  Cottage: sunset   0.397 Miles   

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Rifle River  Rifle River  2001-01-02 12:59:20-05  
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Wood Burning Stove  Wood Burning Stove  2001-01-02 11:16:07-05  
Cottage  Cottage  2001-01-01 15:09:54-05  
Cottage: back  Cottage: back  2001-01-01 15:08:50-05  

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