Parade Watching   
Parade Watching

Just sitting out with some friends to watch the MSU homecoming parade.

2000-10-13 17:15:44-05

4243'56.0"N 8428'25.1"W
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MSU Homecoming 2000
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Art Center  Art Center   439.203 Feet   
Art Center  Art Center   439.203 Feet   
Graduating Class  Graduating Class   812.358 Feet   
MSU: Sanford Natural Area  MSU: Sanford Natural Area   830.965 Feet   
Andy Graduating  Andy Graduating   1002.545 Feet   

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McPhereson  McPhereson  2000-10-13 17:28:41-05  
Here goes the band  Here goes the band  2000-10-13 17:27:39-05  
Sparty  Sparty  2000-10-13 17:27:08-05  
Worlds Largest Balloon Sculpture?  Worlds Largest Balloon Sculpture?  2000-10-13 17:27:08-05  
Here comes the band  Here comes the band  2000-10-13 17:15:44-05  

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