Cambria Palms Motel   
Cambria Palms Motel

The Cambria Palms Motel - "Best Deal In Town".

I guess when I picked Cambria as a place to spend the night solely based on the fact that it is halfway between LosAngeles and SanFrancisco, I should have looked into the area a little more closely.

Everything looked very fancy, was full, or was both. We got the last room at this small pink motel. It was the cheapest motel we stayed in (but, at $70, still more than if I had stayed along highway 101) and was lacking in frills, but who needs a clock or a phone?

The room was clean, the furniture reminded me of staying with relatives for some reason - perhaps it was the spare bedding folded in the closet, and the toilet stopped making noise after we fixed it.

ironically, after choosing a motel without phones, we both had cell phone trouble. I expected mine to not work, but the cause of Andys problems turned out to be that the local towers had never been updated to support the 586 area code.

2002-07-23 12:03:40-05

3533'58.5"N 1214'38.2"W
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California 2002
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